jemalloc 3.2.0 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Fri Nov 9 12:43:43 PST 2012

jemalloc 3.2.0 is now available.  In addition to a couple of bug fixes, this version modifies page run allocation and dirty page purging algorithms in order to better control page-level virtual memory fragmentation.

Incompatible changes:
- Change the "opt.lg_dirty_mult" default from 5 to 3 (32:1 to 8:1).

Bug fixes:
- Fix dss/mmap allocation precedence code to use recyclable mmap memory only after primary dss allocation fails.
- Fix deadlock in the "arenas.purge" mallctl.  This regression was introduced in 3.1.0 by the addition of the "arena.<i>.purge" mallctl.

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