jemalloc 3.4.1 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Sun Oct 20 20:05:56 PDT 2013

jemalloc 3.4.1 is now available.  This version fixes a serious bug in the "arenas.extend" mallctl, as well as several minor issues.

Bug fixes:
- Fix a race in the "arenas.extend" mallctl that could cause memory corruption of internal data structures and subsequent crashes.
- Fix Valgrind integration flaws that caused Valgrind warnings about reads of uninitialized memory in:
  + arena chunk headers
  + internal zero-initialized data structures (relevant to tcache and prof code)
- Preserve errno during the first allocation.  A readlink(2) call during initialization fails unless /etc/malloc.conf exists, so errno was typically set during the first allocation prior to this fix.
- Fix compilation warnings reported by gcc 4.8.1.

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