jemalloc 3.5.0 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Wed Jan 22 13:08:35 PST 2014

jemalloc 3.5.0 is now available.  This version focuses on refactoring and automated testing, though it also includes some non-trivial heap profiling optimizations not mentioned below.

New features:
- Add the *allocx() API, which is a successor to the experimental *allocm() API.  The *allocx() functions are slightly simpler to use because they have fewer parameters, they directly return the results of primary interest, and mallocx()/rallocx() avoid the strict aliasing pitfall that allocm()/rallocm() share with posix_memalign().  Note that *allocm() is slated for removal in the next non-bugfix release.
- Add support for LinuxThreads.

Bug fixes:
- Unless heap profiling is enabled, disable floating point code and don't link with libm.  This, in combination with e.g. EXTRA_CFLAGS=-mno-sse on x64 systems, makes it possible to completely disable floating point register use.  Some versions of glibc neglect to save/restore caller-saved floating point registers during dynamic lazy symbol loading, and the symbol loading code uses whatever malloc the application happens to have linked/loaded with, the result being potential floating point register corruption.
- Report ENOMEM rather than EINVAL if an OOM occurs during heap profiling backtrace creation in imemalign().  This bug impacted posix_memalign() and aligned_alloc().
- Fix a file descriptor leak in a prof_dump_maps() error path.
- Fix prof_dump() to close the dump file descriptor for all relevant error paths.
- Fix rallocm() to use the arena specified by the ALLOCM_ARENA(s) flag for allocation, not just deallocation.
- Fix a data race for large allocation stats counters.
- Fix a potential infinite loop during thread exit.  This bug occurred on Solaris, and could affect other platforms with similar pthreads TSD implementations.
- Don't junk-fill reallocations unless usable size changes.  This fixes a violation of the *allocx()/*allocm() semantics.
- Fix growing large reallocation to junk fill new space.
- Fix huge deallocation to junk fill when munmap is disabled.
- Change the default private namespace prefix from empty to je_, and change --with-private-namespace-prefix so that it prepends an additional prefix rather than replacing je_.  This reduces the likelihood of applications which statically link jemalloc experiencing symbol name collisions.
- Add missing private namespace mangling (relevant when --with-private-namespace is specified).
- Add and use JEMALLOC_INLINE_C so that static inline functions are marked as static even for debug builds.
- Add a missing mutex unlock in a malloc_init_hard() error path.  In practice this error path is never executed.
- Fix numerous bugs in malloc_strotumax() error handling/reporting.  These bugs had no impact except for malformed inputs.
- Fix numerous bugs in malloc_snprintf().  These bugs were not exercised by existing calls, so they had no impact.

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