jemalloc 4.0.3 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Thu Sep 24 20:17:41 PDT 2015

jemalloc 4.0.3 is now available.  This bugfix release continues the trend of xallocx() and heap profiling fixes.

Bug fixes:

- Fix xallocx(..., MALLOCX_ZERO) to zero all trailing bytes of large allocations when --enable-cache-oblivious configure option is enabled.
- Fix xallocx(..., MALLOCX_ZERO) to zero trailing bytes of huge allocations when resizing from/to a size class that is not a multiple of the chunk size.
- Fix prof_tctx_dump_iter() to filter out nodes that were created after heap profile dumping started.
- Work around a potentially bad thread-specific data initialization interaction with NPTL (glibc's pthreads implementation).

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