Configuring jemalloc on FreeBSD.

Jason Evans jasone at
Sat Apr 16 20:00:05 PDT 2011

On 04/16/2011 09:10 AM, Mahadevan R wrote:
> jemalloc 2.2.1 tarball fails to ./configure on FreeBSD 8.2 (!),
> because of attempting to check for dlopen() in libdl (this is in libc
> for FreeBSD). The patch below fixes this.

The situation is actually quite a bit worse than this for the 
stand-alone jemalloc on FreeBSD, mainly because the pthreads 
implementation dynamically allocates many data structures, which makes 
allocator bootstrapping hard.  I recently spent a weekend working 
through porting issues for FreeBSD, and tentatively came to the 
conclusion that the best solution is to add a simple bootstrap allocator 
facility to jemalloc.  I haven't gotten as far as implementing that 
though, so right now my development branch for FreeBSD still deadlocks 
when calling pthread_key_create().

By the way, my general plan is to make it so that the stand-alone 
jemalloc can be used via FreeBSD ports with no modifications, and can be 
embedded in libc with only minimal glue.  The stand-alone jemalloc is so 
divergent from what is currently in FreeBSD's libc that I can't stomach 
the prospect of back-porting optimizations, of which there are many at 
this point.


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