Mac OS X Lion support

Paul Biggar paul.biggar at
Fri Nov 4 12:21:04 PDT 2011

On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 12:05, Douglas Creager <dcreager at> wrote:
>> It looks like you're setting JEMALLOC_ZONE_VERSION as a compile-time
>> constant?  Unless you never intend to run the program on a system
>> other than the one it was compiled on, I don't think this will work.
> Yep, but that's what the standalone jemalloc was already doing previously.  The current dev branch (and the 2.2.3 release) do the configure-time check, and build a libjemalloc.dylib that only works on the current system.  I assumed that it's a configure-time check for a reason, so I kept it that way.

The configure time check is older than the dynamic check. It causes
crashes when the version compiled for is not the version used at
run-time (eg compile with Snow Leopard SDK, run on Lion).


Paul Biggar

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