standalone jemalloc is slower than glibc's malloc (ptmalloc)

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Thu Apr 12 06:04:02 PDT 2012

Hello Amol,

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 17:01:40 +0530
amol pise <amolpise15 at> wrote:

> I have check the performance of the jemalloc vs glibc's malloc
> (ptmalloc) using complex test in libxml2 package
> i.e. "runtest". This program allocate many memory of different size
> and supported multi-thread.
> ...
> Is it mean jemalloc() is slower than glibc's malloc ?
> Is there any way to improve the speed performance of jemalloc in this regard?

A few questions:

1- Is jemalloc hot?  Glibc should be.  First iteration for jemalloc
   will be cold, hitting startup latencies.  If that is the case, the
   measurement was not fair.

2- Do the results hold?  Ie, repeat 10 ~ 30 times each of them,
   check min/avg/max and stdev, while ensuring fair testing conditions.

3- Do those tests (as performed in libxml2) match whatever scenario you
   expect to hit when using jemalloc?  If they don't match or are too
   far apart, libxml2 will tell you nothing.


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