dev branch

Jason Evans jasone at
Wed Dec 12 08:22:44 PST 2012

On Nov 25, 2012, at 11:34 PM, Mike Hommey <mh+jemalloc at> wrote:
> I'm reiterating the request to merge releases to the dev branch so that
> git describe gives a correct version number when filling VERSION, when
> building off the dev branch.

I'm reluctant to do this because there isn't necessarily a 1:1 correspondence between the most recent release an the dev branch.  See 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 for examples.  I actually wish that 0.0.0 were the only tag visible on the dev branch, but I made a procedural mistake merging the 1.0.0 release, so we're stuck with that tag instead.  What do you think about adding something like --with-version-override=<rev>, where <rev> is a tag/branch/rev that the configure script uses when generating  the major.minor.bugfix portion of VERSION?  Unfortunately nrev is ill-posed for such an override, so I still don't think this is a great solution.  Suggestions?


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