[PATCH] Hook jemalloc into glibc's malloc

Jason Evans jasone at canonware.com
Wed Feb 29 10:47:52 PST 2012

On Feb 21, 2012, at 7:39 AM, Mike Hommey wrote:
> When jemalloc is used as a libc malloc replacement (i.e. not prefixed),
> some particular setups may end up inconsistently calling malloc from
> libc and free from jemalloc, or the other way around.
> Glibc provides hooks to make its functions use alternative
> implementations. Use them.
> Original patch by: Karl Tomlinson <karlt+ at karlt.net>

I committed the important part of this:


The configure.ac change caused mysterious failures if the AC_MSG_ERROR([dlfcn.h is missing]) statement was actually executed.  I came up with a workaround, but in the end left that part of the change out completely, because I don't think it makes sense to #error just because some poorly behaved applications that use RTLD_DEEPBIND might break.


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