how to remove pthread mutex dependency in jemalloc

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Thu Sep 13 13:10:07 PDT 2012

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> Subject: Re: how to remove pthread mutex dependency in jemalloc
>>  I have a system that have no thread, and usage of the jemalloc are per
>>  process only.
> I don't think jemalloc is designed for this situation.  Indeed, much
> of the complexity in jemalloc is around making it fast in a threaded
> environment.
> It sounds like jemalloc may be the wrong tool for you to use.

 Actually, jemalloc is the best I could find for my application, the 
glibc default one give me lots of holes during the long running of my 
application no matter how I tweak the parameters for the memory 
allocator and jemalloc fits there nicely.  I am in the process of 
stripping down the library but if the library itself could give some 
flags to help out will be better.

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