Increase the number of arenas

Jason Evans jasone at
Tue Aug 6 20:27:30 PDT 2013

On Aug 6, 2013, at 4:42 PM, Veeravadivel Duraisamy <catchveera at> wrote:
> I am running my application on a 24 core machine and I have 108 threads. I see a slight increase in latency with jemalloc when compared to tcmalloc. The jemalloc man page says by default 24*4 arenas will be created. I would like to increase the number of arenas to 108. What should be the value that i set the env variable MALLOC_CONF to?


You may actually get better performance by *decreasing* the number of arenas though.  The thread caching is pretty effective at reducing arena accesses for most applications.

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