using jemalloc on windows

Nikhil Bhatia nbhatia at
Mon Dec 9 17:50:15 PST 2013


I just configured & compiled jemalloc on windows using
minGW compiler to create a jemalloc.dll. As I have never 
dealt with dll injection/interception on windows before 
I have a couple of basic questions (I searched online & 
got some pointers about mucking around with Windows CRT,
so thought I will post here):

(1) How can I make my windows application use jemalloc?

And the second related question:

(2) On Linux, I compiled jemalloc with  prefix (je_) & 
    used je_malloc_stats_print in my interceptor code to
    print stats every once in a while. 

    Can I do something similar on windows and if yes then

Thanks a lot, 
Best Regards,

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