Reducing memory usage on console

Sebastien Lussier sebastien.lussier at
Thu Jul 11 21:52:33 PDT 2013


I just started testing jemalloc to see if we could improve our memory usage on Xbox & PS3.
What would be the best way to configure jemalloc for such "low-memory" platforms ?

I changed lg_chunk to 19... I'm considering reducing the number of arenas (currently at 12). Or maybe disabling thread caching.

We typically have very few threads making allocations (< 15), and most of them are alive for the whole duration of the game. But their usage of the memory system differs a lot and in some cases I seem to waste arena space if two memory hungry threads ends up in the same arena.
Can I expect good result if I use a single arena ?
Did anyone experiment with jemalloc in a similar situation ? I fear disabling all those options will turn jemalloc into an average allocator...


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