calling a function via PLT and jemalloc realloc changes function first argument (XMM0)

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at
Tue Nov 26 04:23:49 PST 2013

David Abdurachmanov wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having problems with jemalloc 3.4.1 (currently we use 2.2.2 in 
> production). I found that with jemalloc 3.4.1 function first argument 
> will be changed if first argument is passed by XMM0 register. Compiled 
> with GCC 4.8.1 (tested also with 4.8.2). No problems on Scientific 
> Linux 6 (RHEL6-based), but it fails on Scientific Linux 5 
> (RHEL5-based). All of this is because _dl_lookup_symbol_x calls 
> _realloc_ in Scientific Linux 5.
> This probably makes jemalloc 3.4.1 and the whole 3.X.Y series not 
> recommended for RHEL5 and RHEL5-based distributions.
> (...)

Just a note from the EPEL* maintainer. EPEL6 has jemalloc-3.4.x. EPEL5 
has stayed on 3.1.x for a while, and unless there are serious bugs that 
should be fixed, I don't plan to update it.


*) EPEL is the Fedora "Extra packages for Enterprise Linux" project, 
that is, repackaged Fedora RPMS for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and clones 
like CentOS and Scientific Linux.

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