NULL bin issue in arena_dalloc_bin_locked

Max Fest fest at
Fri Nov 29 04:32:43 PST 2013

Hi everybody,

i got an issue with the lib, i get some random segmentation fault with 
my program on basic operation.
During the call of a destructor for example.

On the top of my backtrace i've got this :

(gdb) frame 0
#0  arena_dalloc_bin_locked (arena=arena at entry=0x7f4fc645b1c0, 
chunk=chunk at entry=0x7f4de8000000, ptr=ptr at entry=0x7f4de817b800, 
mapelm=<optimized out>) at 
1713        } else if (run->nfree == 1 && run != bin->runcur)
(gdb) info locals
pageind = 379
run = 0x7f4de8179000
bin = 0x0
bin_info = 0x1f551d0
size = 1536

So you can see that bin is NULL, and the call at bin->runcur will ran 
into a segmentation fault.

I use jemalloc 3.4.1 compiled with my project as a dependance. It run on 
a Debian 7 x86_64.

Is it a jemalloc related issue ?
The full backtrace :


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