ctl_refresh() is never called, je_mallctl("stats.allocated") doesn't work

Oran Agra oran at redislabs.com
Wed Dec 24 01:33:40 PST 2014

I'm trying to get the stat for total allocated memory.

i'm calling either:
    size_t um;
    size_t sz = sizeof(size_t);
    res = je_mallctl("stats.allocated", &um, &sz, NULL, 0);
    size_t allocated_mib[2];
    size_t allocated_mib_len = 0;
    allocated_mib_len = sizeof(allocated_mib);
    int res = je_mallctlnametomib("stats.allocated", allocated_mib,
    int res = je_mallctlbymib(allocated_mib, allocated_mib_len, &um, &sz,
NULL, 0);
both return success (0), but 'um' variable is always set to 0.

digging into the source code of jemalloc, it seems that ctl_refresh() which
is suppose to update this stat is never called.
p.s. config_stats is set to true, and i confirmed that with a debugger.

is it a bug? or am i missing something?
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