Rounding up huge allocations to page boundaries instead of chunks

Guilherme Goncalves ggp at
Wed Oct 1 16:07:07 PDT 2014

So to summarize, if I understand it correctly:

- There is ongoing work to have all allocations use the same size classes (including,
in particular, huge allocations, which is what we're concerned with);

- The size classes will be defined as equal-sized intervals dividing each chunk boundary;
to use your example, with 4 intervals per 4MiB chunk, we'll have [4MiB, 5MiB, 6MiB, 7MiB],
[8MiB, 10MiB, 12MiB, 14MiB], [16MiB, 20MiB, 24MiB, 28MiB], ...;

- The number of intervals is configurable via the |lg_g| variable in, which
allows us to bound the over-reporting to a ~2^-lg_g factor of the allocated size.

If that's correct, then yes, I believe that satisfies our needs. Is there a GitHub issue I
can follow to track progress on this? Or is there otherwise any expected timeframe for this
to be completed?


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