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Jos, the assertion that "if I swap out jemalloc for a different memory
manager then they go away" equals "I know these [problems] are jemalloc
related" is invalid, because it could be that a bug in the code related to
the "highly threaded environments" is simply not being hit when using a
different memory manager - i.e. the problem could still be in the source of
whatever software you're working with also, even if it is somewhat less
likely. A logical mistake to make.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 9:08 PM, Jos Vernon <jv at> wrote:

> Hi
> I've been using the GitHub shines77/jemalloc-win32 for a while -  that
> uses jemalloc 3.6.0.
> However recently I've hit problems relating to leaks in highly threaded
> environments. I know these are jemalloc related because if I swap out
> jemalloc for a different memory manager then they go away.
> So it would seem to me that the first thing to do is to upgrade to 4.0.4
> to see if the issue is resolved. However I am having some problem getting
> this to work under MSVC.
> I can see that this is supposed to work because I can see MSVC bits in the
> config code. However there are lots of questions about this and a notable
> dearth of people who have been successful in this area. That includes me
> after my first day. :-(
> The MSVC bit is easy. It's getting the config to generate the right bits
> that is difficult.
> I'm using cygwin. I've put the Visual Studio 2012 environment variables
> into my shell so I can use MSVC CL and then I've done an ./
> CC=CL.
> This seems to work more or less ok. The results look feasible,.But then
> I'm missing important bits like sensible values in size_classes.h.
> I would love any pointers here. I'm pretty hot on VC++ so once I get the
> config going it will be fine. I am sure that will also be useful for other
> people who want to do similar things.
> Jos
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