memalign() bug found & fixed

Kurt Wampler Kurt.Wampler at
Fri Jan 16 17:44:43 PST 2015


I'm new to this list, so will expect guidance if I violate any conventions.

I'd like to report a bug which we found and fixed in jemalloc-3.6.0.

In the imemalign() function, when the allocation fails, there are
"goto" statements that end up reaching "label_return:" without ever
dereferencing memptr (the first argument).  However, je_memalign() is
written in a way that ignores imemalign()'s function return value, and
depends instead on imemalign() to communicate the results using memptr.

Our local fix for this problem was to move one line in imemalign() below

Original code:

        *memptr = result;
        ret = 0;

Revised code:

        ret = 0;
        *memptr = result;

The above seemed like the simplest fix, but maybe it would be clearer
to change je_memalign() to follow the same convention as je_posix_memalign()?


Kurt Wampler  (Kurt.Wampler at  408-200-3722

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