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Wed May 6 18:50:49 PDT 2015

Hi Users
I recently started experimenting with jemalloc and found that jemalloc controls fragmentation phenomenally. A process that was running out of its allocated quota of 2g of virtual memory now uses only 1000mb of virtual memory and works without any crashes. I am trying to incorporate this library but it seems people have some apprehensions about it associated with big data applications(enhanced by facebook).

Can someone answer the following question, while I am trying  to do some code reading:-

1.       Does jemalloc waste memory at the cost of speed and is optimized for big data applications ?

2.       Are there scenarios where if many threads are competing for malloc, it will dynamically create new arenas to reduce  thread contention and are their parameters to control/tune them ?

3.       Are there any other tunable parameters I should look at to ensure jemalloc doesn't uncontrollably allocate memory in stress scenarios to optimize performance at the cost of memory . In my environment, I would expect jemalloc to reduce performance rather than allocate more  memory/arenas/pools to better performance.

Any help is appreciated while I ramp up on this new magical library.


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