Need Help in porting Jemalloc.

RajaKishore Sahu raju.sahu at
Sun Oct 11 22:12:28 PDT 2015


I am trying to port Jemalloc. We are going to use it for our sub-system not
for the whole system.

Main system has its own memory manager. While initializing the sub-system
(in boot up) we will allocate memory from main system (Ex:- 10 MB) which
will be contiguous memory then we want to give the start address and size
to Jemalloc to manage it. Please let us know where to provide the start
address to jemalloc?

Main system will provide thread, Mutex/Semaphore and the memory for this
will not be allocated from the sub-system. In this scenario how can we
enable thread caching? We do have a rapper to create threads, which means
we know which are the the threads created by sub-system. Will it help in
enabling the thread caching?

Any help will greatly appreciated!

Rajakishore Sahu
Mail:-raju.sahu at
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