statistical counters from jemalloc - Similar to mall info()

Prajakta praj.jagtap at
Mon Oct 19 00:10:03 PDT 2015

Is there a way by which we can get actual number of bytes of data allocated
by JEMALLOC + number of bytes allocated by mmap / bro system call in

I am looking for counters similar to mallinfo counters in jemalloc.
Using mall info() we get information about memory allocations performed
using malloc.

I need similar counters from jemalloc:
- *hblkhd*:      Number of bytes in blocks currently allocated using mmap(2)
- *uordblks*:  Total number of bytes usd by in-use allocations
- *fordblks*:   Total number of bytes in free blocks.

Out of above 3, I suspect, stats.allocated is similar to uordblks.

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