Explicit huge pages

D'Alessandro, Luke K ldalessa at indiana.edu
Thu Sep 10 07:48:34 PDT 2015

I have an application that wants to use explicit huge pages during mmap. I have the infrastructure set up to do chunk allocation/deallocation from the hugetlbfs infrastructure, and we use it in custom arenas for network-registered memory allocation.

I’d like to also use these explicit huge pages for the default arenas. It’s fine with me if the vestigial chunks are allocated from 4k pages, so I can replace the chunk_hooks as necessary. My concern is related to jemalloc’s understanding of “page-size” as reported by arenas.page, dirty page purging, and --with-lg-page-sizes. Basically, I don’t understand enough about what is going on internal to jemalloc here.

If I end up using, e.g., 2GB pages and a 4GB chunk size, is there any point in enabling dirty-page purging? Would it even work? Do I need to tell jemalloc about the 2GB huge page size with the --with flag? The huge page size is a dynamic property—do I have to reconfigure jemalloc each time I want a different one?



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