Need Help in porting Jemalloc.

Jason Evans jasone at
Thu Feb 4 09:15:11 PST 2016

On Feb 4, 2016, at 1:53 AM, RajaKishore Sahu <raju.sahu at> wrote:
> Thanks for your help. My configuration was wrong which was causing the problem.
> I have attached stats of JEMALLOC_TCACHE on and off.
> When it is on we run out of memory of 30 MB. When it is off it works fine.
> Please help me in configuring it properly.

It seems to me you have figured out how to configure jemalloc to work for your memory-constrained environment.  If you want to have jemalloc always run with tcache disabled, you can specify --disable-tcache to the configure script, or you can use one of the variants of MALLOC_CONF (see to turn tcache off for specific programs.


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