Meta-data overhead percentages?

Steve Cobb stevecobb47 at
Tue Feb 9 11:07:56 PST 2016

Hi Folks,
Are there any statistics available on the meta-data overhead for using jemalloc? What is the usual percentage of meta-data overhead to user memory - is that number available? Are there any comparisons available - say comparing to other "popular" malloc implementations?
Is the amount of meta-data tuneable in any way - any compilation flags/configurations?
Right now, we are using Jemalloc 3.6, but will be moving to the latest release - is there any difference in the amount of meta-data between those releases?
Right now, for a general purpose allocator, it looks like the overhead is very much higher than Glibc malloc. We are looking very seriously at jemalloc for some large-scale applications on Linux - in particular, we are interested in the ability of jemalloc to return/unmap memory. But if the overhead is very high, this will be a real problem. Can any guidance be given on the typical overhead?

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