test/integration/mallocx fails on older i686 (Was: jemalloc 4.1.1 released)

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at redpill-linpro.com
Wed May 4 06:12:52 PDT 2016

test/integration/mallocx fails on older i686. It fails on el5, el6,
though it works on fedora 22.

el5 and el6 dies at the same spot:

=== test/integration/mallocx ===
test_overflow: pass
test_oom: pass
test_basic: pass
test_alignment_and_size:test/integration/mallocx.c:170: Failed
assertion: (ps[i]) != (NULL) --> 0x0 == 0x0: mallocx() error for
alignment=33554432, size=100663291 (0x5fffffb)
test/test.sh: line 22: 24762 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ${t}
/builddir/build/BUILD/jemalloc-4.1.1/ /builddir/build/BUILD/jemalloc-
Test harness error
make: *** [check_integration] Error 1

Full build log for el5: https://ingvar.fedorapeople.org/jemalloc/jemall


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