jemalloc 3.1.0 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Tue Oct 16 11:05:59 PDT 2012

jemalloc 3.1.0 is now available.  It includes a handful of bug fixes, plus one major new feature: the ability to manually create arenas that are outside the purview of jemalloc's automatic thread:arena multiplexing.  Manually created arenas can be selected for use on a per thread basis using the existing "thread.arena" mallctl, or on a per allocation basis using the new ALLOCM_ARENA() flag in conjunction with allocm()/rallocm()/dallocm().

New features:
- Auto-detect whether running inside Valgrind, thus removing the need to manually specify MALLOC_CONF=valgrind:true.
- Add the "arenas.extend" mallctl, which allows applications to create manually managed arenas.
- Add the ALLOCM_ARENA() flag for {,r,d}allocm().
- Add the "opt.dss", "arena.<i>.dss", and "stats.arenas.<i>.dss" mallctls, which provide control over dss/mmap precedence.
- Add the "arena.<i>.purge" mallctl, which obsoletes "arenas.purge".
- Define LG_QUANTUM for hppa.

Incompatible changes:
- Disable tcache by default if running inside Valgrind, in order to avoid making unallocated objects appear reachable to Valgrind.
- Drop const from malloc_usable_size() argument on Linux.

Bug fixes:
- Fix heap profiling crash if sampled object is freed via realloc(p, 0).
- Remove const from __*_hook variable declarations, so that glibc can modify them during process forking.
- Fix mlockall(2)/madvise(2) interaction.
- Fix fork(2)-related deadlocks.
- Fix error return value for "thread.tcache.enabled" mallctl.

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