jemalloc 3.3.1 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Thu Mar 7 12:39:29 PST 2013

jemalloc 3.3.1 is now available.  This version fixes bugs that are typically encountered only when utilizing custom run-time options.

Bug fixes:
  - Fix a locking order bug that could cause deadlock during fork if heap profiling were enabled.
  - Fix a chunk recycling bug that could cause the allocator to lose track of whether a chunk was zeroed.   On FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OS X, it could cause corruption if allocating via sbrk(2) (unlikely unless running with the "dss:primary" option specified).  This was completely harmless on Linux unless using mlockall(2) (and unlikely even then, unless the --disable-munmap configure option or the "dss:primary" option was specified).  This regression was introduced in 3.1.0 by the mlockall(2)/madvise(2) interaction fix.
  - Fix TLS-related memory corruption that could occur during thread exit if the thread never allocated memory.  Only the quarantine and prof facilities were susceptible.
  - Fix two quarantine bugs:
    + Internal reallocation of the quarantined object array leaked the old array.
    + Reallocation failure for internal reallocation of the quarantined object array (very unlikely) resulted in memory corruption.
  - Fix Valgrind integration to annotate all internally allocated memory in a way that keeps Valgrind happy about internal data structure access.
  - Fix building for s390 systems.

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