jemalloc 3.5.1 released

Jason Evans jasone at
Tue Feb 25 17:10:35 PST 2014

jemalloc 3.5.1 is now available.  This version primarily addresses minor bugs in test code.

Bug fixes:
- Configure Solaris/Illumos to use MADV_FREE.
- Fix junk filling for mremap(2)-based huge reallocation.  This is only relevant if configuring with the --enable-mremap option specified.
- Avoid compilation failure if 'restrict' C99 keyword is not supported by the compiler.
- Add a configure test for SSE2 rather than assuming it is usable on i686 systems.  This fixes test compilation errors, especially on 32-bit Linux systems.
- Fix mallctl argument size mismatches (size_t vs. uint64_t) in the stats unit test.
- Fix/remove flawed alignment-related overflow tests.
- Prevent compiler optimizations that could change backtraces in the prof_accum unit test.

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