[PATCH] atomic operations for ppc

Douglas Creager douglas at creagertino.net
Tue Mar 20 06:52:23 PDT 2012

> I've contacted both apr and boost respective developers and they have
> confirmed the code comes from apr.
> Now, considering that there are a limited number of ways to implement
> an atomic operation in assembler, the size of the code and the amount
> of almost identical implementations around (i.e [1], [2] or [3]) it'd
> be very difficult (if not impossible) to copyright the code.
> If you truly want to be on the safe side removing the comments and
> changing the variable names would be enough.
> Regards,

You could also draw the PPC atomics from the MIT-licensed OpenPA project [1].  It's structured differently (platform-specific LL and SC in separate static inline functions, with atomic-add implemented generically in terms of them), so any copyright on the APR code wouldn't apply.

[1] http://trac.mcs.anl.gov/projects/openpa/


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