[PATCH 2/2] Add support for LinuxThreads.

Leonard Crestez lcrestez at ixiacom.com
Fri Oct 25 13:04:19 PDT 2013


I tested this modified version on my target platform and it seems to work. Thanks a lot!

From: Jason Evans [jasone at canonware.com]
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 04:33
To: Leonard Crestez
Cc: jemalloc-discuss at canonware.com
Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/2] Add support for LinuxThreads.

On Oct 21, 2013, at 2:12 PM, Leonard Crestez <lcrestez at ixiacom.com> wrote:
> When using LinuxThreads pthread_setspecific triggers recursive allocation on all threads. Work around this by creating a global linked list of in-progress tsd initializations.

Merged: https://github.com/jemalloc/jemalloc/commit/cb17fc6a8f1ce29be18de7af6d03e66056751fb2

I tested it on OS X after making various minor changes, but please make sure it works with LinuxThreads as well.


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