cross compiling - how do I figure out the correct value of je_cv_static_page_shift

Miller Henry MillerHenry at
Fri Jun 12 08:13:52 PDT 2015

I'm evaluating jemalloc on my embedded system, which we cross compile to several different processors.  Since I'm cross compiling, configure cannot figure out what the correct value of je_cv_static_page_shift should be.  No surprise, for early tests I just set it to 12 (based solely on some android searches showing a patch to hard code it to 12).  This works for early tests, but if I'm to go production I want the correct value, and I need to leave clear instructions to my successor on how to find this in case we add a new processor in the future.

How can I figure this out?  Ideally I want a command I can run in a shell, but if I need to build a program I can do that.

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