Relationship between and opt.prof_leak

Evan Jones ejones at
Fri Nov 6 09:50:38 PST 2015

Jemalloc's profiling and leak debugging features are super useful, and I've
used them multiple times to figure out Java native memory leak issues.
However, I realized I'm not actually sure how the and
opt.prof_leak options relate. I *think* they work like the following, but I
didn't find the docs super clear, and I only looked at the code for about
10 minutes. I'm happy to submit a patch to the docs to try and clarify
this, once I understand it completely:

* There is only one type of dump. It contains both "allocated" counts and
"in use" counts (or free counts which can be used to calculate in use).
* By default, jeprof will show you the *in use* counts. However, it can
show you the *allocated* counts instead with --alloc_space or
* By default, dumps are "incremental": They contain the objects allocated
since the last dump. If you want dumps that contain everything since the
process was started, enable opt.prof_accum.

Are these statements accurate? Thanks!
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