Upstreaming mozilla changes

Paul Biggar pbiggar at
Mon Aug 1 12:04:44 PDT 2011


We're in the process of updating the Mozilla codebase to use the
latest version of jemalloc. Unfortunately, there are a number of
features in the Mozilla version which we never upstreamed:

  - windows support
  - decommit support (for windows)
  - recent OSX changes

We want to upstream these changes. Would you have a problem accepting
patches for these features? Some of the more odious changes we forsee
remove the use of the advanced C99 features (not available in Visual
Studio), and some light build system hacking.

Finally, how do you take code? Do we send patches to this list, or do
you have a way to review pull requests a-la-github?


Paul Biggar
Compiler Geek
pbiggar at

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