Upstreaming mozilla changes

Jason Evans jasone at
Wed Aug 3 10:16:19 PDT 2011

On 08/01/2011 12:04 PM, Paul Biggar wrote:
> We're in the process of updating the Mozilla codebase to use the
> latest version of jemalloc. Unfortunately, there are a number of
> features in the Mozilla version which we never upstreamed:
>    - windows support
>    - decommit support (for windows)
>    - recent OSX changes
> We want to upstream these changes. Would you have a problem accepting
> patches for these features? Some of the more odious changes we forsee
> remove the use of the advanced C99 features (not available in Visual
> Studio), and some light build system hacking.

Yes, I'm definitely willing to take patches for those features!  I want 
the stand-alone jemalloc to work on all the major platforms so that 
there's only one version of jemalloc to maintain, but I don't use 
Windows myself, so haven't had the time or motive to get it done.

> Finally, how do you take code? Do we send patches to this list, or do
> you have a way to review pull requests a-la-github?

'git format-patch' seems to work pretty well for sending patches via 
email.  Alternatively, I can pull from a git repo that you make public. 
  The latter may work better if you expect there may be non-trivial 
changes necessary after review feedback.


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