High amount of private clean data in smaps

Thomas R Gissel gissel at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 27 20:31:09 PDT 2013

I apologize for the delinquency of my response.  The previously provided
stressTest.c does not exhibit the same RSS growth problem as our larger
application.   As perhaps an interesting data point, running with 1 arena
seems to eliminate or at least mitigate the issue to the point where it is
no longer noticeable with our current tests. This seems to indicate
internal, across arena, fragmentation, but what is still puzzling is that
in the multi-arena configuration the jemalloc stats seem to disconfirm that
hypothesis. Specifically, the pattern we see is that after our test has
been running for some long period of time, usually several hours, and after
our eviction logic has run several eviction cycles, the process begins to
and continues to behave in the following way until the test is terminated:
jemalloc's mapped statistic and process VmRSS seem to grow in a correlated
way while jemalloc's active statistic stays flat.  Does this information
give you any insights?

Thank you,
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