cross compiling - how do I figure out the correct value of je_cv_static_page_shift

Jason Evans jasone at
Mon Aug 17 15:56:47 PDT 2015

On Jun 12, 2015, at 8:13 AM, Miller Henry <MillerHenry at> wrote:
> I’m evaluating jemalloc on my embedded system, which we cross compile to several different processors.  Since I’m cross compiling, configure cannot figure out what the correct value of je_cv_static_page_shift should be.  No surprise, for early tests I just set it to 12 (based solely on some android searches showing a patch to hard code it to 12).  This works for early tests, but if I’m to go production I want the correct value, and I need to leave clear instructions to my successor on how to find this in case we add a new processor in the future.
> How can I figure this out?  Ideally I want a command I can run in a shell, but if I need to build a program I can do that.

This depends on the operating system, so there's no single answer.

As an aside, jemalloc 4.x has the --with-lg-page configure option, so it's a bit simpler now to specify the page size when cross compiling.


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