How to dump status of jemalloc on Android

Jason Evans jasone at
Mon Aug 17 15:59:43 PDT 2015

On Jul 27, 2015, at 2:56 AM, LiHaifeng <omycle at> wrote:
> It's known that the jemalloc is adopted by Android. Recently I want to dump some jemalloc status information with the thread exit. Fortunately, the function of status dump has been done by jemalloc.
> After tuned the variable of opt_stats_print into true in malloc_init_hard(), the stats_print_atexit() was registered as an hook for atexit(). But, there is nothing status information dumped when the process exit and there is only the warning on the console like below.
> "W/libc    (  859): WARNING: generic atexit() called from legacy shared library"
> So, how to dump the jemalloc status on Android?

There appears to have been some change to glibc within the past two years that causes stdin/stdout/stderr to be closed before atexit-registered functions run.  To work around this you can directly call malloc_stats_print() directly in your application before it exits.  I ran into this a few days ago on an Ubuntu 15.04 system, and found this related bug report while trying to diagnose the issue:


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